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AkronWiT's Code Epic
our bootcamp alternative for people who want to become a programmer but can’t afford to quit their day job

AWiT’s Code Epic is for women who are serious about becoming programmers. Over the course of one year split into four 13-week Code Quests, we’ll mentor you as you learn JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, and basic HTML/CSS through Free Code Camp’s Front End Web Development certification. We provide a cohort of like-minded students to learn with, and mentors to check in with you regularly to answer questions and provide accountability and motivation.

The full Code Epic wraps up with focused job search advice, as you will have built up a respectable portfolio throughout each of the Code Quests.

We offer the option to attend meetings online, making it accessible for people with different work schedules or childcare or other commitments. Our goal is to make this open to everyone who has a passion for learning and a desire to program and start a new career, regardless of financial situation or other constraints.

This is right for you if you are a woman who:

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If you are too advanced for this opportunity but are interested in being a mentor, contact us!

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General Structure


What is the application process?

STEP 1: Apply (applications currently closed; next start date TBD)

STEP 2: Interview

STEP 3: Decision Notification

STEP 4: Payment


When does the next Code Epic start?

The start date will be set once we have a full cohort of five people. (Cohort size is dependent on the number of volunteer mentors.)

Admission decisions are being made on a rolling basis, and interviews are currently being conducted (as of May 22nd, 2017).

Should I do any pre-work to prepare?

Absolutely! The below resources will be required for certain experience levels.

We highly recommend starting with the following Viking Code School readings giving an overview of what this world of programming entails:

We also recommend taking the following tutorials to establish a baseline of knowledge:

What is the cost?

Each Code Quest costs $100. You submit your payment after you have applied, interviewed and been notified of your acceptance into the Code Quest. We send you further information on the program, along with signups for the tools we will be using, after receiving your payment. Payment is due one week prior to the start date of the Code Quest.

Why is there a cost if the syllabus uses free online resources?

Update: We now include Treehouse in the syllabus and provide cohort members with a Treehouse account. The cost of the Quest also contributes to covering this operating cost.

The cost serves three purposes. It covers the cost of various rewards and incentives we offer participants throughout the Epic and at the Epic’s conclusion, it provides an incentive for you as the participant to take your commitment seriously, and it supports programming AkronWiT offers to those who need financial assistance. We also add significant value to the online resources by teaching people how to use professional development tools (such as Pivotal Tracker), work on a team, and use Agile development practices, as well as giving exposure to other tools and processes you are likely to encounter in a development role.

Am I a good fit for the Code Epic?

The program is challenging and requires basic computer skills in order to participate.

We require weekly attendance at a mentor-mentee meeting (remote or in-person), weekly or bi-weekly attendance at sprint plannings (remote or in-person), and daily participation in a Slack channel for the purposes of daily Stand-ups and being involved in your cohort’s learning journeys. These are required both for your benefit and the benefit of the rest of your cohort.

If you cannot commit to these attendance requirements, or you don’t have the time to help others in your cohort along their learning journeys, you are not a good fit for our Epic and we encourage you to pursue learning through Free Code Camp and other online resources on your own.

Are there any requirements to take the class?

Students will need access to a laptop or desktop computer with internet access to participate in the course.

What is the structure of the Code Epic?

Code Epic has four main components:

  1. Pre-class coursework to prepare students for the beginning of class
  2. A core curriculum that supports students through the full Code Epic, and through each Code Quest
  3. Portfolio building projects to show prospective employers
  4. Job search mentorship and advice in the final Code Quest

How much time will the class take?

Students should be prepared to commit 2 hours per day to the coursework and supplementary materials. Each Code Quest lasts 12 weeks, and the completion of four Code Quests give you completion of the full Code Epic.

Each Code Quest has a weekly or bi-weekly retrospective and sprint planning you are required to attend, along with daily participation in our Slack channel.

What if I am not accepted into a Code Quest?

You are welcome to reapply for the Code Epic for successive iterations. You are also of course welcome to work through the curriculum on your own.

In the meantime, continue to develop your skills by using available resources.

How do I ask more questions?

Email us at [email protected]

Special thank you to Stacy Harrison for designing our Code Epic’s logo!

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