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Programming Book Club - Eloquent JavaScript

This week we will discuss chapters 20 of Eloquent JavaScript. As we get closer, we may decide as a group to meet together on a Saturday to work on this project together,...


Who We Are

We are looking for women in the areas surrounding Akron who are interested in learning how to program, have fun, and build a community. No prior programming experience is necessary but you should bring a laptop and be familiar with basic computer skills, like editing a text document.


Oct 17 2015

1 Year Anniversary Party at The Nightlight Cinema

On August 31st, 2015, members of AkronWiT along with the greater Akron community gathered at The Nightlight Cinema in downtown Akron to celebrate AkronWiT’s first year as a tech group and their …


What Our Members Say

The group was very welcoming. I am completely new to coding and thrilled to meet women who genuinely want to help a newbie.

- Coley

A fun and valuable organization - these are women I don't generally meet any other way and I appreciate the chance to get to know them and network with them.

- Sandra


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